Michael Molnar

Michael has played flute and saxophone proficiently for several years in both classical and jazz ensembles. He is currently the organist at St. Helen's Anglican church, a collaborative pianist, harpsichordist, and a singer in a few choirs. As a tonal composer, he has written several serious works both large-scale and small. As a writer, he has done involved academic writing in science, philosophy, and religion. He is a studious practitioner of a variety of combat systems and languages, and has learned both privately and through UBC in all these fields. Very musical and passionate about the past, he is now continuing his diverse pursuit of knowledge and enjoying his stay as a regular member of the Baranduin Ensemble.

Angela Hodgson

Angela started playing violin at the age of three and studied with noted teacher/performers such as Julia Ruby of Juilliard Music School (New York), Andrew Dawes, winner of the prestigious Eckhardt-Gramatté Violin Competition, and Nancy Di Novo of the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra. Angela has attained an ARCT Music Diploma in Violin Performance with the Royal Conservatory of Music (Toronto) and a Bachelor of Music with the University of British Columbia. Angela is formally qualified to teach all levels of violin and music theory study. She currently has 25 private violin students and an exciting new position as Music Educator at West Side Montessori. Aside from teaching, Angela maintains a busy schedule performing for orchestral groups, various formal gatherings, music recording sessions, and movies. Watch for Angela in country singer Shania Twain's music video, "Thank You Baby!" and in the 2005 teen movie, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.

Llowyn Ball

Llowyn "L-Train" Ball has been jonesing around on the violin since the age of eight, after his parents refused to allow him to play the bagpipes, for fear of violating civic noise by-laws. Llowyn began his studies with Erno Kabok, and stayed with his mentor until deciding to pursue a performance degree in violin at the UBC School of Music. Currently in his second year of study under the incredible tutelage of Jasper Wood, Llowyn is busy expanding his awareness of the bizzare, shocking and wondrous repertoire (literally) at his fingertips. When not cloistered in the practice room, Llowyn can be found either reading, sleeping, bathing, playing, tinkering on his beloved MGB, driving a heritage streetcar on the Downtown Historic Railway, or skippering a False Creek Ferry.

Genevieve MacKay

Genevieve began to play the violin at age four, and turned her attention to the viola at age sixteen. At the moment, she is in the final year of a double major at UBC, where she studies English Literature as well as Myth and Literature of Greece, Rome and the Near East. She hopes to continue her studies in both fields at the graduate level. Genevieve is also an experienced ensemble player, having performed with the Vancouver Youth Symphony Orchestra, the UBC Symphony Orchestra, UBC's Collegium Musicum, and an assortment of chamber groups. She currently studies violin and viola with Paul Luchkow of the Pacific Baroque Orchestra.

Sarah Tippett

Sarah has played modern violoncello for twenty-one years. While studying violoncello performance at UBC, she began to learn both baroque `cello and viola da gamba. Her studies on viol have continued since graduation and she is currently doing applications and auditions for Master's programmes in the United States and abroad. She plays regularly with a small viol consort in town and is a founding member of the Baranduin Ensemble. Sarah is also a free-lance cellist, manager of the Grace Notes String Quartet and an active `cello teacher.

David Poon

David began his musical studies at the age of six, taking piano lessons for ten years with Patricia Miller in Port Alberni and finishing his ARCT Performer's Diploma with Distinction in 1999. After a brief stint studying piano at the UBC School of Music, he had the opportunity to begin organ lessons with Denis Bédard; David quickly switched into the organ programme, and completed his Bachelor of Music Degree in 2005. During this time, he honed his skills as a continuo player, studying harpsichord with Jacques Ogg and Doreen Oke; afterwards, he studied improvisation with Parisian organists Thierry Escaich, Olivier Latry and Pierre Pincemaille.

Artistic director of the Baranduin Ensemble and organist at Sts. Peter & Paul Parish, David spends his remaining time transcribing video game music, smuggling cheese and building LEGO® organs.